We often remember our failures more quickly than our victories and become trapped in thinking that constrains us from achieving all that we are capable of.

It’s not about where or what we’ve come from, but about where we are going. Redirected, transformational thinking is the secret to living life in the second half with victory, distinction, power and achievement.

David Jackson, a Marine Security Guard- Moscow Embassy, hand- chosen by President Reagan- an respected author, sought-after speaker, visionary, and ordained minister- has an extraordinary story of transformation and awakening which he powerfully shares with people across the country to revolutionize their approach to life’s obstacles, and life’s triumphs. David’s message helps his audience to see the possible from the impossible, to be released from their self-imposed prisons, and develop the empowered thinking to reorder their lives.

David is a MUST-HAVE speaker. His book Life in the Second Half, We Win! will be available nationwide in 2016.