David K. Jackson

pastor, author, public speaker and inspirational leader

Pastor Elder David Jackson is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. In his childhood years, Elder Jackson’s Christian foundation can be contributed to his early teachings at St. Mark Baptist Church Montgomery, AL. Upon graduating high school, Pastor Jackson elected to answer a call when the USMC solicited for “A Few Good Men.” While serving in the United Stated Marine Corp, Pastor Jackson was selected to serve in the very elite Marine Security Guard Program, where he fulfilled the duty of providing personal security for high ranking United States political figures and Foreign Dignitaries.

After serving his county faithfully, Pastor Jackson answered a higher calling when God spoke his name looking for “A Few Good Men” to serve as a kingdom builder. Pastor Jackson answered the call and found a church home at Wings of Faith Ministries & Family Life Center Conley, Georgia, under the Shepard-ship of Bishop Dreyfus C. Smith. In 1998 yet another call was sent forth on the wings of the morning when Pastor Jackson accepted his commission to teach and preach the Word of God. October 2001, Pastor Jackson was ordained to fulfill his latest order.

In August 2002, Pastor Jackson was called upon to serve as the Business Administrator for Wings of Faith Ministries & Family Life Center. Here he also fulfilled the pivotal role as Senior Armor-bearer for Bishop Smith.

Installed as an Elder in November 2004, Elder Jackson was commissioned to serve as the Elder of Worship Service for Wings of Faith. In February 2008, again Pastor Jackson answered a call from the Lord and was appointed Shepard in charge of Renewed Faith Church and Ministries. In 2011, Pastor Jackson attended the Enon Church under the leadership of Pastor Gregory Pollard. On the return home in 2012, Pastor David Jackson became active at Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL, where he later joined in 2013. Pastor Jackson also serves as the Chaplain for Ross-Crayton Funeral Home in Montgomery, AL. And yet again in August 2014, Pastor Jackson was summoned by the Lord to do his will at The Magnolia Baptist Church in Tuskegee, AL, in which he currently serves as shepherd.

Pastor Jackson’s desire is to equip and employ the body of Christ with the understanding that in Jesus—all things are possible and that it begins today and begins with me.